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Welcome to the Baseline Phishing Campaign section of Prventi! This campaign is a crucial first step in assessing and enhancing your organization's cybersecurity awareness and preparedness. Below, we explain the purpose, process, and importance of running a Baseline Phishing Campaign.

What is a Baseline Phishing Campaign?

A Baseline Phishing Campaign involves sending simulated phishing emails to the employees within your organization. The purpose of these simulations is not to trick your employees, but to assess the current level of awareness and preparedness against real-life phishing attacks. This initial assessment establishes a baseline - a starting point from which progress and improvement will be measured.

Objectives of the Baseline Phishing Campaign

  • Assess Current Vulnerability: Determine how susceptible your organization is to phishing attacks.

  • Identify Areas for Improvement: Highlight which areas or which groups within your organization need more training.

  • Measure Progress: Provide a benchmark against which the effectiveness of subsequent training can be measured.

How Does the Baseline Campaign Work?

  1. Planning the Campaign:

    • Select the target group within your organization for the campaign.

    • Choose from a range of simulated phishing email templates that mimic real-world phishing scenarios.

  2. Launching the Campaign:

    • The selected phishing simulations are sent to the employees over a designated period.

    • These emails are designed to be safe and do not harm or access personal data.

  3. Monitoring and Collecting Data:

    • Track how recipients interact with the simulation emails - who opens them, clicks on links, or provides information.

    • Collect data anonymously to respect privacy and ensure unbiased results.

  4. Analyzing Results:

    • Post-campaign, we provide an analysis of the campaign's outcomes.

    • Understand the susceptibility rate and identify patterns or trends in how employees responded.

After the Baseline Campaign

  • Customized Training: Based on the results, you can tailor subsequent cybersecurity training programs to address specific vulnerabilities or gaps in knowledge.

  • Follow-up Campaigns: Run additional phishing simulations periodically to measure improvement and keep awareness high.

Need Help?

If you encounter any challenges during the domain verification process or have questions about modifying your DNS settings, our support team is here to assist you. Contact our support for guidance and support.

Thank you for taking this important step in setting up your organization on Prventi. Once your domain is verified, you're all set to launch your baseline phishing campaign and strengthen your organisation's defence against cyber threats.

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